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Sports Massage/Massage Therapy - Colchester

massageSports Massage, an incredibly valuable but underrated tool to assist with performance, not just for athletes & the regular gym user but those who suffer with tension from stressful jobs and long standing injuries.

Sports Massage increases blood flow to the concentrated area, allowing rich oxygenated blood to deliver healing properties required to repair tissue, from current or previous injury, back to its healthy state. Using a variety of techniques to break through the superficial layers of tissue, the therapist can reach tissue deep within the muscular system with treatment resulting in flushing toxins generated from exercise out the body, leaving the client relaxed & mobile.

Those who exercise regularly, Sports Massage offers the body a powerful resource to regenerate damaged tissue, through training or injury to repair & improve performance whether thats to achieve goals orientated around fitness, the competitive gym goer to maximize their efforts within the gym or increase range of motion & reduce tension around specific joints to allow improved mobility for a particular exercise.

For those that believe Sports Massage or Therapy is just for Athlete's, then their shutting a door on a powerful tool to assist them in coping with stress which can cause muscular tissue and nervous tissue to tighten, creating persistent health related problems such as migraines.

What Our Clients Say

"The way Ross explains and shows you your condition, in laymans terms, using the charts and models in his clinic is a testament to his own knowledge and understanding at all levels, whether with his international athletes or to a complete non sporting person you all ways leave his clinic with a clear picture in your own mind of what the mechanisms of the injury is and more importantly, home care advise to help prevent it from happening again." - Mrs. Taylor

"Amazing! After so many other failed visits to consultants, with Ross, I'm now pain free. I only wish I knew of him years ago. He explained the reasons behind my injury, how I was to be treated, the healing process and how to avoid future injury. I'd recommend him to anybody." - Mr. Castle

I see Ross regularly at his Colchester Clinic. I was in constant pain with an injury. I could hardly walk. Now I can honestly say thanks to his treatment I am virtually pain free!! My quality of life has improved greatly. I am even able to attend a gym as part of my rehabilitation. Without Ross I do not believe I would be where I am today. I only wish I had found him sooner. I highly recommend him. Mrs Weavers.